About Us
Who Are We? The Wine Selection is a wine brokerage firm specializing in hard to find, limited release wines. Over the years both the small, estate wineries and our customers alike have relied on us to service those who do not have easy access to premium California wines. Because of our reputation and relationships with the top winemakers, we are able to offer many of the strictly allocated, sought after releases that simply are not available for national distribution. We also routinely make available incredible discoveries of wines not yet recognized by the major wine authorities or wine media. Located in the heart of the Northern California Wine Country, we taste hundreds of wines each year and make decisons on which wines we will broker based on value, scarcity, and most importantly, quality. Any wine that you purchase from us is not only quality assured, but is also unique in its history of fruit, family and winemaking artistry. Enjoy!

Why would I want a Wine Broker? We have been doing this for over 20 years. We know how to match your palate and preferences to what is currently available, and we only ship you wines that will please you and your friends. We can also search for that special wine that you want from the hundreds of small estate wineries that we represent (and even some that we don't.) Think of us as your inside connection to California's bounty of premium wines. You never have to guess what the wine inside of the bottle is like before you buy it.

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